As strange as it may sound,  we love our chickens. Diane got the hair brained idea back in spring 2015. We started with five, of those five we still have three and we’ve added three more for a total of six hens.

Keeping chickens sure is a lot of fun, and it’s easier than most think. As Diane says, “they eat bugs and poop fertilizer.” As an added bonus, they put themselves to bed at night, making them even easier to contain at the end of the day.

As mentioned, we currently have six chickens, whom we like to give old lady like names to because we’re crazy like that. They are:

  • Betty: Buff Orpington
  • Birtha:Silver Laced Bantam
  • Dottie: Plymouth Rock
  • Bossy: Red Sexlink
  • Penny: Ameraucana (who gives us blue ish colored eggs)
  • Lucy: Rhode Island Red

Penny’s first egg!

Of all the birds, Lucy seems to be the friendliest. She even allowed Vivianne to pick her up. Vivianne Loves chasing all them through the yard too, she gets great joy from watching them scatter. Even with the toddler terror chasing them, they’re still quite tame and friendly around her. We have yet to have any incident or injury occur.


From left to right: Betty, Birtha, Bossy, Dottie and Lucy


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