Black Gold

What some just call “dirt” or “compost”, I call “black gold”.  This stuff makes all the difference when you’re growing a garden.


This beautiful dirt is the reason of our success last year.  This stuff gave us the biggest heads of broccoli we’d seen in years.  We also reaped the benefits of fresh greens, as well as raspberries because of this black gold.

IMG_1042 - Copy

Whenever we turn up any dirt, the chickens are not far behind.  Getting all up in there for the yummy stuff.

IMG_1041 - Copy

As an added bonus, this compost has also been seasoned with chicken sh#@, and they scratch at it, so we don’t have to turn it. I always hated turning the compost, and this is the best I’ve ever had in my yard, with very little work on my part! IMG_1043


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