Fresh Beginnings of Spring

With all the rain, the plants are flourishing. Weeds and intended vegetation alike. Our apple tree is quite happy as well. An interesting thing about apple trees is they don’t produce every year, or very little on their ‘off’ years. Obviously this is an ‘on’ year.


We have two apple trees here at the ol’ homestead. ┬áThis one is the semi-dwarf Golden Delicious that has provided us with many years of applesauce and juice, and the last time it produced, we got ten bushel off just this tree! Needless to say, we were very busy.

Loaded Apple Tree

Our other tree is a semi dwarf Jonathan apple tree. It’s still quite young, so its harvest has not been large yet. We usually get a couple of little apples off of it though. ┬áJonathan apples are a more tart apple that does not cook down as much. Pairing it with the sweetness of the Golden Delicious makes for awesome applesauce!



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