Beans Beans the Wonderful Fruit

We like to reuse anything and everything we can.  Especially when it comes to the yard. We had some old gazebo legs that we hadn’t used in years, but Diane saved for some reason. Well, this year, they’re being put to good use.

Diane likes to grow climbing beans, as well as bush beans. This setup is obviously for climbing beans.  We zipped tied the tops together, and had to tie berry netting around them to keep the critters out. Chickens will eat nearly ANYTHING!

Of course Viv was in the middle of it all, very insistent on helping. We will definitely be finding many beans sprouting in odd places.


Viv’s handiwork


With the lovely spring winds in full swing, our ingenious makeshift bean trellis came tumbling down. We will put it back up after the winds have stopped for the year. We also need to figure out a different method to keep the girls out.


My husband hates the berry netting, so he threw it all away when he helped clean up our fallen trellis, much to Diane’s frustration.


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