Avodire Dresser

Diane recently found a very unique dresser while out furniture hunting.

Upon inspection, we learned this dresser was made of Avodire wood. Having never heard of nor worked with Avodire, we had to do a bit of research.


Avodire wood, also called blonde mahogany, is a rare wood from West Africa. IMG_1101

This dresser had seen much better days, and a honey-like colored finish on it. But it still had good bones and details on it. Diane saw a lot of potential.

Upon getting everything sanded down, Diane began to stain.  Her original plan was to go with a dark mahogany color. However, upon applying said stain, it appeared blonde!  Dumbfounded, Diane had to apply 3 more coats of stain to reach a darker finish.

Though mostly Avodire, we believe the trim is cherry wood, which is a common pairing with the African wood.  Isn’t the contrast gorgeous?!

Here’s a before and after of the finished product! Though a bit masculine for me, it still turned out amazing. Especially considering where it started!


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